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Words of Wisdom for College Freshmen

"Get involved with extracurricular activities. There are so many options through Student Life or your major to get involved. Make your time at Dalton State as memorable as possible." – Chris R.

Student talking about clubs offered on campus

Whether a campus is tall, grande or venti, student life allows you to find enjoyment and experiences outside of the classroom. Dalton State offers a variety of ways to get involved such as student organizations, Greek life and leadership and volunteer opportunities.  Campus events show the diversity and multiculturalism that DSC has to offer. 

"The Student Health Center can help you if you don’t have insurance (or even if you do). Utilize it if you're sick!" – Allison W.

faculty talking about health services on campus

The health center provides services including: screenings for common illnesses, STI tests and minor injuries. DSC also offers counseling services. These services are free to all currently enrolled students and are completely confidential. 

"Become a resident assistant. My time at Dalton State was amazing because of my time working for Residential Life." – Drew S.

new residential assistant

On-campus living can help the transition into college be easier. Students can be more plugged into student life and the college community. Living at Mashburn Hall allows students to easily attend campus events, meet new people and develop lifelong friendships. Research also shows those who live on campus have a higher GPA than those who don't.  

"Always check your class section online before going into class. Sometimes the professor will post on Georgia VIEW to announce class changes or cancellations. One time there was even an extra credit opportunity if I replied to it before the class time." – Sorina N.


"Just like any full-time job, make sure you take breaks. Whether its just studying or in between classes themselves, you have to make sure that you have room to breathe and a moment to relax so you can keep going at 100 percent." – Josh Q.

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Venture into lower Pope for a game room or a quieter area to relax and take a quick power nap. Upper Pope has the campus bookstore where you can purchase drinks and snacks to help keep you hydrated and ready for your day. For those who live on campus, Mashburn Hall has two game rooms and multiple chat spaces to relax and have some fun. 

"You're not on time unless you're several minutes early. Be sure to get to campus in plenty of time to look for parking - or ride the shuttle." – Alice W.

Double check the parking rules and regulations as well! Make sure to get the proper tags and registrations depending if you are an off-campus or on-campus student. The shuttle runs between campus and the Dalton Convention Center. Riders can avoid immediate school traffic and parking troubles. 

"No shame in renting; no shame in free stuff!" – Summer V.

dalton state bookstore

Textbooks can get pretty pricey, luckily the bookstore has options for getting your books such as renting new and used textbooks as well as access codes for online textbooks that can be a little easier on the wallet. Some teachers have free textbooks (a million thank you's to those teachers) so you don't have to purchase them. Everyone likes free stuff, so throughout the semester make sure to stop by various student life events. These events often give out free snacks and drinks along with t-shirts, supplies, water bottles and more. Make sure to bring your student ID to these events for those free items!

"The library is your BFF. Study rooms however are a hot commodity. They come rarely so jump at them when you can." – Robin B.

student in library

Research paper? Library. Need a new book to read? Library. Need to print off those notes you didn't take in class? Library. Roberts Library is your stop for all your studious needs. They have multiples resources, an online library catalog, GALILEO and research resources, to help with your classes. The librarians are great resources as well and will be more than happy to help you.

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