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An Insider Look at WSOB's New Home

After more than a year of construction, Gignilliat Memorial Hall is once again open for business!

Along with a great new look, Gignilliat is now loaded with cool new features for students to take advantage of. 

One of the most prominent spaces  is the new large open atrium area where students can study, work and relax in between classes. It's right across from the fully-staffed OCIS help desk, and a short walk down the hall there are vending machines and printers available for student use. The new area is already becoming a favorite hangout. 

As students enter the building they are greeted by two large monitors alerting them of club meetings, job fairs, networking events and the new "Employer of the Day" feature. "Employer of the Day" is a new event where local employers reserve times in the lobby to talk to students about business opportunities. Make sure to stop and say hi; you might end up getting your dream job on the way to your next class!

At first glance rooms 101A and 101B probably look like two state-of-the-art classrooms. In reality, the two rooms are able to merge into one, which can seat up to 120 people. Welcome to the Biz Hub! With great natural lighting and a warming kitchen, this new area is perfect for seminars, club meetings, training sessions and so much more. 

Another pair of interesting new rooms are 124 and 125, also known as the Marketing Lab. Separated by one-way observation glass, you can easily peep in on lectures, presentations and whatever professors do when they think we aren't looking. Just down the hall, room 102 serves as the Finance Lab. Here finance and applied economics students can put their skills to the test as they research companies for investment opportunities. 

There are new workspaces for faculty, and there are new workspaces for students with computer access. Now you can get homework done, check on your day job or sneak onto Facebook just a few steps away from the classroom!

A major goal of the renovation was to give the entire building a technological facelift. It features new LED lighting, motion-activated lights, improved water fountains and bottle fillers and many other improvements. These changes have made Gignilliat Memorial Hall more environmentally and fiscally friendly, while still meeting the needs of students and faculty. 

At Dalton State, our goal is to always excel at giving students the opportunity to learn in an environment that supplies them with a diverse, helpful faculty and tools to advance themselves. The renovations made to Gignilliat are another way we are accomplishing this. With all of these amazing new features, we are sure to see many new and exciting doors open for students to run boldly  on their paths to success!

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