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10 Images That Will Make You a Raving Fan of Roadrunner Nation

If you're not yet a fan of Roadrunner Nation, these images will show you why you should be. Or they'll remind you why you are. 

Saturday (Feb. 20) was Homecoming 2016. In addition to a basketball game and crowning of the homecoming court, festivities included Hoops for Higgins - a fundraiser basketball game between the alumni and faculty/staff - as well as a Greek Life tailgate. 

Here are 10 images that capture the day. 

10. Rage is an excellent dancer. 

9. Beep! Beep!

We stand in solidarity during crucial moments. 

8. Our basketball players have impressive hang time. 

7. Grill masters char your hotdogs just the right amount.

6. Our cheerleaders have the most spirit!

5. Our faculty, staff, and alumni are willing to work hard for a good cause. 

4. This is our homecoming royalty. 

3. Anthony Hilliard will do this to raise money for scholarships. 

Hilliard was a member of last year's national championship basketball team. He played for the alumni team in this year's annual Hoops for Higgins. 

2. Coach Tony Ingle in action.

You know a movie is being made about him... 

1. We never forget members of Roadrunner Nation.

David Lesicko honors Jason Ramos' memory before Hoops for Higgins. Ramos was the assistant director of Residence Life and a member of the faculty/staff team. He died in a car wreck last year. 

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