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New Tutoring Program Helps Students Navigate Online Classes

With more online components being required to continue an education this pandemic, students may feel overwhelmed by the new digital platforms. Dalton State's Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction has new programs and help in place to assist students with the transition. 

Tutors are able to explain how to navigate and use different online platforms utilized in courses at Dalton State. The platforms covered include GaView, ECore, Microsoft Office and Netiquette. 

Students can meet with a tutor two days a week for two weeks to learn about the programs firsthand. 

“This program is interactive, so students won’t just be attending a lecture,” Cameron Godfrey, supplemental instruction and programs specialist said. “It’s a one-on-one session with a tutor who will walk students through the platforms and explain all of the components.” 

Students are under a lot of stress right now and don’t need the added worry of learning how to use new platforms, Godfrey said. Peer educators can help students by alleviating this stress and keeping them on track to graduate.

“We want to make this semester an easy adjustment for students rather than adding the pressure and stress of trying to navigate online learning during these times when we already have plenty of both of those,” Godfrey said. 

Students interested in the program can register online or by visiting the Dean of Students Office.

posted 09/14/2020 in Academics



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