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Theatre Students Share Experiences on Performing During COVID-19

As the old theatre adage states, the show must go on - even during a pandemic.

Despite so many events and programs being put on halt due to COVID-19, the arts at Dalton State are alive and thriving, safely. This week, the  Department of Communication, Performing Arts and Foreign Language will perform “The Foark River Tanning Salon and Baitshop,” an original play by Dalton State’s Dr. Barbara Tucker, chair of the Department of Communication. This comedic parody of reality TV is what many of us need right now and the actors are beyond excited to give the audience a good laugh!

Here are thoughts from the show's stars on what it's like to perform during a pandemic. 

“I have to say that being able to perform despite the ongoing pandemic has been a privilege on one hand and a lesson in precaution on the other hand. Life without the theatre was entirely too bleak, and some level of artistic escapism is important to the preservation of sanity, so it's been a joy to be able to do what I love again. I must repeat that it is a privilege. There are many communities that aren't so lucky to be able to enjoy this privilege. 

I hope this production brings people joy. I want people to feel safe, so I don't want anyone to feel that they must make an obligation to come to see our show if they don't feel comfortable doing so, but for those who do feel comfortable coming to see the show, I hope they'll laugh and have a lot of fun.”

-Levi Witt, playing Tom

“I was a little worried about it honestly. But Mrs. Kim has been so great in keeping us safe with all of us wearing masks and distancing as much as possible. I’m so happy to be able to perform because it’s some sense of normalcy. I haven’t been able to perform since Little Shop of Horror last fall. So I’m so happy to able to do it now during this crazy time.”

-Madison Hammons, playing Andrea

I honestly did not know how long we were going to be able to meet in-person. Everyone seems to be taking the mask mandate very seriously as well as keeping the campus sanitized. The cast really wants to be back on stage and is happy to be here. The pandemic has not been kind to many, especially local artists of all varieties. I think I can speak for the entire cast when I say we are grateful to be on stage at a time when most actors cannot. 

-Adrian Thompson, playing Juanette

Dalton State presents “The Foark River Tanning Salon and Baitshop” Nov. 10-14 at 7:30 nightly in the Goodroe Auditorium on campus. There is limited seating and mask are required. Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite and students or staff can reserve tickets by emailing Dr. Kim Correll.

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