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Professor’s Work Cited in Newly Published Textbook

For all the outstanding work our educators do in transforming the lives of their students, it is sometimes easy to forget that many professors are engaged in their own academic endeavors, conducting their own research and making notable contributions to their respective fields. 

Dr. Patrick Ryle, assistant professor of accounting, is one of the professors who has remained engaged in his field, and as a result, made a lasting contribution. 

Recently, one of Ryle’s papers was cited in the 2021 publication of the South-Western Federal Taxation textbook, the leading textbook in the field. 

“The paper examined the tax consequences associated with E-Gaming,” Ryle said. “It’s a growing field and an emerging industry that may very well soon exceed traditional sports in many measurable metrics including revenue produced, number of participants and number of viewers.” 

Ryle, whose areas of expertise include accounting, law, public policy and technology, aimed to explore the unique tax consequences associated with the gaming industry. 

“From ordinary players who win prizes, to the companies that produce software, to organized professional e-sports leagues and to emerging professional e-sports athletes, there are major tax consequences being produced by the industry’s growth,” Ryle said. 

In addition to making lasting impacts in their fields of study, Ryle believes educators also have the opportunity through their academic work to make an impact on students. 

“It is vital, in my opinion, that educators remain engaged in their field and in the research process,” he said. “Academic fields are constantly developing, and it is essential that those educating the next generation of professionals be immersed in the science to better prepare those emerging leaders.” 

Ryle also recognizes the example he and other professors set for students by remaining involved in academia. 

“I think it’s important for students to know they are learning from people who are helping to move the science or practice forward and who are genuinely committed to helping humanity through the advancement of their chosen field,” he said. 


posted 04/07/2021 in Academics



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