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New Beginnings: Advice for Living on Campus

Moving away from home and living on campus is a new and exciting adventure for most students, but it comes with a lot of unknowns.

Residents of Mashburn Hall will be moving in on Sunday, Aug. 8 beginning at 10 a.m.

Some experienced residents of Mashburn share their advice for your first move-in day and for living on campus for the first time:

Lexi Beard, Resident Assistant

My advice for move-in day is to ask for help. Bring multiple family members and friends because it makes your move go smoother – and more fun!

When you are packing, remember to pack a tool kit and cleaning supplies. You should also bring a personal vacuum. Of course, Mashburn provides one, but I have a small vacuum because it is more convenient. Decorations are a must because they will make your space feel like home.

Also, once you know who your roommates are, talk to them and coordinate so there aren't multiple items brought like bathroom storage, a TV or anything else.

Joining clubs and being involved is a must; it helps you make friends easier. We are excited to have our new residents. And for this year, especially with COVID restrictions lifted, we have many fun activities planned.

Kara Turner, Office Manager

As a freshman, you are in a shared suite with four other people, so expect to meet new people. Things to bring would be an outlet power strip, a blackout curtain for better sleep, a shower caddy with holes to drain water, detergent and a rolling laundry bin since it can be a long walk to the laundry room.

There are two kitchens downstairs, and you can borrow cooking supplies from the front desk. Also, the Dalton State Birdfeeder food pantry is a great place to get free snacks and food, or you can buy your own. Resident assistants also hold events two to four times a month like bonfires and educational, diversity and meetings.

We also have chat and study spaces, as well as classrooms where professors teach. I find it easier to study when other people who live on campus also have the same classes.

Vanessa Rivera, Resident

I am an out-of-state student, so something to expect is more freedom and independence.

I would say to bring a mattress topper, a picture to remind you of home, toiletries, personal crockery, and utensils, and you can have a mini-fridge.

It can be hard to live with someone. So, one thing to remember is to always stick up for yourself and never be afraid to communicate with your roommates.

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