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How We Celebrate Pi Day - in 11 photos

Dr. David DesRochers and Elizabeth Lucht are pros at this, if there is such a thing as being a pro at getting a pie to the face. Beta Chi Nu, the biology honor society, raised money for their chapter through this fundraiser which ends with professors getting a pie to the face. Students could buy a ticket for $1 for the professor they most wanted to see covered in pie. 

DesRochers gives newbie Dr. Omar Villanueva advice on how to take a pie to the face. 

We see that look in your eyes Dr. V. We know you're about to enjoy putting a pie in DesRochers face. 

"Oh look, Birdman, it's a bird. No. It's a plane...." 

"No. It's a pie coming at your face." 

Lucht doesn't look lucky right now. But she knows from last year to keep her mouth closed as the pie approaches. 


Villanueva laughs, but his time is coming. 

He gets twice the trouble! 

But the professors were happy to do it. It was for a good cause after all. 

Beta Chi Nu officers were happy, too. The fundraiser brought in $250 for the chapter. 

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