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Iconex CFO Speaks to Dalton State Financing Class

This semester, Iconex’s chief financial officer Ira Genser spoke to Dr. Christian Koch’s Principles of Finance class. Iconex is a world-leading provider of paper receipts.

Genser related classwork to the business world in his presentation. 

Here is what some of the students had to say about the experience: 

Jacob Anderson, management major

“Dalton State College’s Wright School of Business has been encouraging its students this year by bringing a successful classroom experience. Professors have networked with friends and local business leaders to promote and teach students more about the real business world.

Besides having speakers share their experience, hands-on assignments have also made the learning experience at Dalton state top tier. Due to these hands-on research assignments, students are more aware of corporate finance and could relate to guest speakers and CFO’s, such as Genser. I highly recommend students take advantage of Dalton State's classroom experiences and how professors prepare the next generation of college graduates.”

Stephen Johnson, finance and applied economics major

“'Real-world practitioners' is a title members of the faculty in the Wright School of Business wear proudly. Our instructors pride themselves on having firsthand knowledge of the material they are teaching. Our faculty are consistently looking for guest lecturers to bolster the knowledge gained in the classroom setting with real-world wisdom from people doing the job we are studying.

Dalton State has a distinct focus to train its students well in the classroom with book knowledge and endow its students with wisdom from practitioners in the world outside the school. The investment Wright School of Business is placing in its students is invaluable to our long-term success in our not-so-distant future upon graduation.”

Yvonne Twum, math major with a concentration in actuarial science

“Before taking this class, finance was very cloaked in mystery and very intimidating at first, but I realize that it is more evident than I thought it would be. Finance is used in our daily life; we tend to overlook it.

It was a great honor getting the opportunity to meet a renowned CFO of a global company with great achievements like Iconex to broaden my views on corporate finance and having insights of a real-life company’s journey to success in the financial market. Thank you, Dr. Koch, for this eye-opening opportunity.”

Roman Ponce, management information systems and accounting major

“Ira showed us real-life scenarios and shared with us his life experience. I was happy he shared his journey with us, so we can hopefully model our lives after his. It has to be one of my favorite Dalton State experiences, a truly invaluable and unique opportunity that I am extremely grateful for. I thoroughly enjoyed knowing my classroom knowledge has real-world applications.

I am glad for the opportunity Dalton State and Dr. Koch offered our Principles of Finance class. I could not ask for a better experience. It was incredibly helpful. I am excited that the college provides us with such opportunities with guest speakers who give us immeasurable knowledge. I cannot wait for more guest speakers like Ira. Thank you, Dr. Koch, and Dalton State College, for this incredible experience.”

posted 11/02/2021 in Academics



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