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Accounting Doesn't Have to be Intimidating: A Student's First-Hand Experience with the Accounting Lab

*Note: This is a first-hand account by Drew Barbaree, a management major in the Wright School of Business, about his experience with the accounting lab. 

Taking an accounting class can seem intimidating, at least at first. But Dalton State college has resources to help. The Accounting Lab is a wonderful and tremendously helpful tool available to all students who feel lost and totally confused by accounting -  or just need a little guidance with classwork.

When I took my first steps on Dalton State’s campus many years ago, I found myself wondering what I was doing there in the first place. To be honest, the whole experience was daunting and overwhelming.

My most recent adventure was a brilliant idea to study accounting. Yikes!!

Anything related to mathematics and I have a mental breakdown. No worries. There is a prescription that can cure our headaches with a little dedication and perseverance. It’s a study environment I have grown to appreciate. The Accounting Lab was clearly designed to calm frayed nerves and allow for peace of mind before any project presentations, quizzes and/or tests. Procrastination can be cured by attending the Accounting Lab on a weekly basis. All who want or need extra help studying class materials, or need a little quiet alone time, are more than welcome to attend.

The Accounting Lab is open from 2 to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Gignilliat Hall room 124. It is run by Jamie Connors, associate professor of accounting; Bob Haverland, lecturer in accounting and Beth Terry, part-time instructor of accounting and an alumna of the Wright School of Business.

The costs of this amazing experience come at a low price, FREE! These professors want to be a part of our development as business professionals and are willing to work with us outside of class to make it happen.

The Accounting Lab is a fantastic resource available for all students who need help with accounting studies. It is a great way to network and get to know a few of the professors on a more personal level. The Accounting Lab is a must-have resource that students should take advantage of.

If find yourself struggling to balance your budget, skip the stress and visit the Accounting Lab. 

posted 11/09/2021 in Academics



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