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Washing Your Face: Harmful to the Environment?

To celebrate Earth Day, professors and students gathered for interactive talks regarding our harmful footprints on the earth.

Dr. Kim Hays, assistant professor of biology, educated students and faculty regarding the harmful effects of microbeads and microplastics found in plastic bottles, facial wash, and toothpaste.

Fun fact: 8 trillion microbeads are released EVERY DAY.

Not so fun fact: 1 percent or more make it out into our lakes, oceans, and seas, affecting our marine life and our food.

Also, GMOs may not be quite what you think. Sweet potatoes are actually genetically modified, according to Annabelle McKie-Voerste, assistant professor of biology, and Dr. Hussein Mohamed, associate professor of biology. 

What about climate change and eco-friendly living? Fear not! (maybe a little). Our professors spoke the truth on the changes happening on earth, and what the world is doing to change the harmful effects of human actions. Dr. Gene Mesco, associate professor of biology, shares with students about the United Nations' past and present climate agreements, one of which was signed last Friday to reduce carbon footprints produced by each country.

Ever think of living the eco-friendly lifestyle? Dr. Tami Tomasello, assistant professor of communication, presented her thoughts and facts about living in a tiny home, and progress of organic architecture.

So much to learn, and so much to see.


posted 04/27/2016 in Academics



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