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5 Reasons to Live the Suite Life

Mashburn Hall is rising to completion. Still debating on living with the Roadrunner Family? We took a tour of the building, and found 5 reasons why you should live on campus:

1. There is going to be reliable Wi-Fi

Strong Wi-Fi is everything when you forget an assignment due at 11:59 p.m. Each student living in Mashburn Hall will have Wi-Fi for as many as five devices. That means smooth Internet for everyone!


All furniture, laundry rooms, kitchens, and facilities will be new, even the mattresses. To get into your dorms, just tap your brand new student ID card at the door. #Fancy

3. Wait at the Laundry Room NO MORE.

Worried about someone touching your laundry? Residents will receive a text message as soon as their laundry cycle is complete. The days of laundry wars are over!

4. More Games! More Space!

Residents in need of stress relief are welcome to take their minds off in the new game lounge where pool tables and video games will be provided. Want to gather with friends and have a study session? There will be plenty of gather spaces for board games and late night studying.

5. Class is a short walk away.

Why stress your morning thinking about parking? Residents will have the luxury of waking up and walking to class in less than 10 minutes. Go to class in your PJs. We won’t judge.

It's the suite life for me!

posted 05/05/2016 in Roadrunner Nation



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