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11 Photos That Show Why Spring 2016 Graduation was Amazing


1. Because this class is the first to wear blue robes

Dalton State traded the black robes from previous years for these new sleek blue robes with silver tassels. 

2. This class makes sure everyone looks their best before walking across stage

3. This class is so awesome even the professors wanted to take selfies with students

4. Because this... 

5. 2016 graduates flash the Beep! Beep! hand sign with pride

6. Graduates, faculty, and staff know how to represent a person's memory

Subtle, yet oh so fitting. RIP Dr. Kris Barton. 

7. Because Austin Peterson made calculus amusing and entertaining during his speech

I mean, who does that?!!

8. Spring 2016 Graduation had this guy, who wasn't afraid to show his excitement

9. And because of this gal, also not afraid to show her enthusiasm for receiving her bachelor's

10. These graduates know they made the right choice by coming to Dalton State... 

11. And though they're sad to leave, they know they are ready for whatever comes next 

posted 05/16/2016 in Academics



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