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Tears, Hugs, and Bright Lights

Even before graduation, students who studied to become registered nurses are welcomed into the medical field in a special, intimate ceremony known as a pinning ceremony. 

Graduates from nursing programs receive a pin, usually pinned on them by a professor or loved one who supported them through school. 

There is laughter as classmates remember all they've been through together. 

There are tears, tears that represent overcoming struggles, tears that represent pride in a job well done. 

There is support from classmates. Cynthia Hidalgo received a standing ovation for finally finishing the program after a wreck left her with serious injury. You can read more about her story here.

There are hugs and thank you's and roses given in appreciate for all the support from family and friends. 

Those who were lost are remembered. 

And at Dalton State, Sylvia Driver, chair of the associate in nursing program, takes one more opportunity to call all her beloved students by their nicknames. She swears they are terms of endearment and has nothing to do with her struggle to remember people's names. 

But she also inspires and makes students excited to begin their career and proud to have been a part of Dalton State's nursing program. 

Candles are lit. The Florence Nightingale pledge is recited. 

Now, go light your world. 

posted 05/17/2016 in Academics



Gale Allen says:
A beautiful pinning ceremy. Loved the song, Light up your candle, so appropriate.

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