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7 Reasons to Love the First Day of Class

It's dark outside and you have to force yourself to get up for your 8 a.m. class. Maybe sleeping until noon during the break wasn't a great idea. Coffee is your best friend. It's not how you expected to spend your spring semester. But as the coffee jolts you out of the hazy daze of a morning class in the winter, you realize the first day of class is actually amazing

Here's why: 

1. Nothing to stress about. 

You have all semester to finish that group project and write your 15-page research paper. Now is the time to relax in your Anatomy & Physiology II class. 


2. Working with motion sensors in physics is so much fun, the chart is literally being knocked off the walls.


3. You mastered the first day in Nick Carty's French class. Ici! Merci! 


4. Jerry Drye's jokes in your communication class aren't dry. 

What's better than a standup comedian as a teacher? 


5. Reading outside is still just for fun. 

And doesn't cause a stress-induced panic about an upcoming test. 


6. You get to find out about the new Greek life.  

And eat free doughnuts.


7. Dr. Ellie Jenkins makes the math and theory behind chords look easy. 


You've got this. 

posted 01/07/2016 in Roadrunner Nation

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