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What Do Aliens and Critters Have In Common?

Children, of course!

Dalton State's summer camps are still going strong, and adventures this week include creek exploration for critters and dabbling in the world of comic books and art.

From writing stories about alien wars and defeating bad guys, artists participating in Comic Book Camp are free to release their imagination through colorful pens and fancy paper. These children design their own comic book from the start to finish, including their own front cover. There is no limit in the world of make-believe!

When they are not in the classroom, these fascinated children are looking through microscopes and exploring the creek, looking deeper into the life of critters and surrounding animals.

From finding crawfish to salamanders, these children are top explorers of the creek, and they are not afraid to get their feet wet. Our professors and teachers do not miss out on the fun either!

Give a hearty #BeepBeep to our little Roadrunners!


posted 06/23/2016 in Academics



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