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7 Helpful Tips for all Mashburn Residents

It is about time to move in your new home and meet your roommates, and maybe you are feeling nervous, or you are just chill and excited. In order to help you move-in like a pro, we collected seven tips from current residents and Resident Assistants that will ensure your smooth stay at Mashburn Hall.

1. Keep Your Door Open

While you may not want to leave your door open all day, you can be open to new experiences and new people. "Who knows, they might be your best friends for the next four years," said Tyler, who is an RA at Mashburn Hall.

2. Lift Yourself Up

Lift yourself up with a loft to give your room more space for your lounge and study needs. Rent them from Residential Life for just $200 a year, and we will install them in your room FOR FREE, and your bed will be ready for you when you arrive. Reserve them right here.

3. Bring Your Home

Living away from home may get strange at times, and RAs Jazmin, Crystal, and Kayla recommend bringing something that reminds you of home, whether it is your childhood blanket or photos that bring you sweet memories. If classes stress you out, make sure you bring something that calms you.

4.  Live Smart

You may or may not have too much stuff, and we totally understand. For Roadrunners that have too much love to bring, RA Holly highly recommends the use of storage boxes or drawers to make the most of your space. Your favorite toys deserve to be here!

5. Communicate, People!

Roommates are vital to a comfortable stay in any residential hall, and proper communication can lead to good relationships with your fellow residents. "You never know what will happen unless you speak up," said Bukky.

6. Use Your Resources

There are many cool features in Mashburn Hall that are designed for your use, such as laundry machines that send you text messages when your clothes are washed or dried. There are also chat rooms and game lounges that you can hang out in, so please use them to your heart's content. As RA Kayla would tell you, "Use what we have, and spend more time outside!"

7. Join The Campus Life

Your college experience depends on what you do while you are here, and you can spice up your life by getting involved in many activities that happen on campus. Whether it is a club or a sport, there is something for everyone, so keep your eyes open!

Good luck and happy moving!

posted 08/08/2016 in Roadrunner Nation



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