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10 Photos that Capture How Amazing it is to be Back in Roadrunner Nation

1. This guy is back! 

That's right! Adam Gann is back on campus, bringing his positive energy and unlimited high fives! 

2. You learn professors' hidden talents. 

Dr. John Gulledge is really good at bouncing a golf ball on a club while doing multiplication in his head. We're not talking 2x2 here. We're talking 532x48. 

3. For an education major, back to school is literally the happiest time of your life.

Move over Christmas morning. It's time for new pens and crisp paper. Did someone say highlighters? 

3. Doughnuts. 

Doughnuts are amazing on their own, but these are paired with a chance to ask deans any question you want about your major and program.

4. You get to hang out with your friends again. This time, in a newly renovated student center. 

More room. Better lighting. More laughs.

5. The Rage Rover is in service. 

When you see this six-person golf cart making rounds, hop aboard with Katelyn Humphrey, and her Roadrunner Nation celebrity guest, for a ride to class, some swag, and good conversation. 

6. Administrators serve you ice cream! 

Dr. Margaret Venable, president, and Dr. Pat Chute, vice president for Academic Affairs, spend a hot afternoon scooping ice cream for a cool down between classes.

7. You get to play with cool gadgets, like virtual reality, during Day for Dalton.

8. You realize learning about Native Americans from Dr. Tammy Byron is going to be amazing.

Who says history has to be boring?

9. You realize you can handle three vocabulary quizzes in one day in an LPN class.

You can almost see the confidence rising in these students while being challenged.

10. Nick Carty serves you un café while teaching you to speak French. 


posted 08/22/2016 in Roadrunner Nation



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