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Writing and Life Skills

This is Dr. Marsha Mathews' English 1101 class. But her first writing assignment for the students comes with a little extra fun.

The assignment requires students to write about a skill they have, explain it, and then have someone else attempt that skill based solely on the written piece. 

This resulted in some students learning great life skills, like how to sew a basic stitch. 

Others learned proper grip for swinging a golf club. 

Those who have never had long hair, tried their hand at a simple braid. 

And some realized just how hard it actually is to build a house of cards. 

Some explored the joys of science. 

And others attempted to tie a bow-tie. 

Some students played a friendly game of table tennis. 

While some got to learn to binge-watch their favorite show on Netflix properly - with snacks and all. 

posted 08/25/2016 in Academics



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