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Hello, Can You Hear Me?

No, these students are not asleep, but they are in deep concentration, focusing on Dr. Heather Bisalski’s instructions. But this is just the beginning.

Effective communication is a skill that is often overlooked, and listening attentively is just as important as speaking clearly. For these students in Dr. Bisalski’s Business Communications class, they get to practice their skills by giving each other instructions… in an obstacle course.

Oh, not to mention, one member of the team has to be blindfolded.

To succeed in the obstacle course, students must give clear instructions, and their blindfolded partner has to listen very carefully to their partner’s voice while other teams are navigating the course.

It’s a true test of trust, listening skills, and clear and concise communication.

(No student was injured during the obstacle course. Yay for good communication!)

posted 09/15/2016 in Academics



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