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Nursing Students' Skills to Success

Meet Robert Smith Sr.

 Mr. Smith Sr. is a simulation mannequin programmed to have a variety of health issues, and he currently has an infected, diabetic foot ulcer.

The students worked as a team to ensure that Mr. Smith received wound care, diabetic teaching, and practiced contact isolation precautions to prevent the spread of disease.

By practicing their skills on Mr. Smith and his friends, these future nurses are prepared for any real encounters with patients in the field. Being in a controlled, safe environment such as a classroom or a nursing lab, students are able to make mistakes and learn from them.  

“Simulation lab is a great way to practice real clinical skills in a controlled, safe environment before entering the hospital setting,” said Melanie McCarley, who is a part-time simulation instructor at Dalton State. “During this class, students meet over a dozen course objectives while having fun in an environment where they can safely learn from their mistakes."


posted 10/04/2016 in Academics



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