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Social Work Advocates at State Capitol

April Keener knows she can advocate for others now thanks to a trip to the state capitol to meet with legislators as part of the Social Work program.

"The morning ride to the capitol was filled with nervous students dreading the task in front of them," Keener said. "The ride home contained a bus full of social workers, confident that they could advocate for the changes they believe in. Thank you, professor, Tammy Rice, for that experience."

Each year Rice takes her social work students to the capitol to teach them advocacy because advocating for others is such a large part of what a social worker does professionally. Students addressed legislators on political topics that were important to them. 

"We engaged in lively discussion, where we shared information, found common ground on some issues, and agreed to disagree when we couldn't," Keener said. "I appreciated the opportunity to engage in a respectful dialog, particularly considering the divisiveness of the current political climate." 

"Being able to walk down on the floor of the House of Representatives and speaking to the Speaker of the House, David Ralston, was surreal," said Brandi Farr. "I was thinking 'this is where it all happens. Here are the men and women that are responsible for the lawmaking that governs the state of Georgia.' This is why it is important that each individual knows who their representatives are and what pieces of legislation are being introduced so that one can effectively advocate for their clients, their families, their neighbors, or their fellow Georgians in general." 


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