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This is Nursing Student Meagan Sage

This is Meagan Sage.

Meagan is a second-year nursing student at Dalton State.

She expects to graduate in May with her associate in nursing so she can become a registered nurse.

She found her passion for obstetrics during clinicals and labs in the field. She loves the field so much she volunteers as a lab assistant for Dr. Cheryl Owens, assistant professor of nursing, just to learn even more. She gets the chance to teach and demonstrate what she has learned for first-year students. The first-year nursing students get a chance to see what they will learn in the program and where they will be just a few months before graduation.

Meagan gives tips on pulling a tourniquet tight enough and beginning an IV. She shares personal experience from actual labor and delivery rooms.

Meagan assumes the role of a midwife for the simulation lab. She has the knowledge to deliver a baby. (This one is just a plastic baby being delivered by a simulation mannequin.)

A healthy baby!

Meagan clamps the umbilical cord as a first-year student places the baby on the mother's chest for skin to skin time.

Since Meagan spends time at Hamilton Medical Center working with mamas and their newborns, she takes the lead on showing the first-year students how to evaluate a baby's health.

Meagan was transformed and found her passion at Dalton State.

Be like Meagan. Find your passion.

posted 01/26/2016 in Academics



Linette Blaylock says:
I also graduated from DSC as an RN. Now I work at HMC on the Mother/Baby Unit and have the privilege of working with Meagan Sage on a regular basis! She serves as a Great "tech" right now, but I have no doubt that she will be an Excellent RN!!!

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