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Dalton State's 5th Student Showcase Features Research

The students at Dalton State have many opportunities to stretch their knowledge beyond the classroom. Whether it is through research or traveling, these students get to know more about the world we live in.

The College’s Fifth Annual Student Scholarship Showcase featured students representing the College’s Schools of Liberal Arts, Business, Health Professions, Education, and Science, Technology, and Mathematics. The showcase is sponsored and organized by the Dalton State College Office of Academic Affairs, the Center for Academic Excellence, and the Dalton State Foundation.

Representing STEM, Annalia Ramos, presented "Antimicrobial Properties of Venom from Native Snakes of the Southeastern United States." Dillon Cantrell also presented with Ramos.

Also representing the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics were:

  • Ramos, Candelaria Bautista, and Hayden Stinecipher - "Validating Viable Probiotics in Commercially Available Supplements"
  • Megan Lowery and Ivy Massengale - "Effects of Stressors on Telomeres"
  • Jamie McCartney - "Polygonal Arrangements"
  • Megan Croft, Amy Bryant, and Laura Rosillo - "Effects on Easter Cottontail Rabbits, Sylvilagus floridanus, Habitat and Environment"
  • Taikecia Roberson, Martin Sauceda, and Raven Hughey - "The Habitat of the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit"
  • Jon Leberman - "A Study of an Aquatic Turtle Assemblage in a Northwest Georgia Lake and Wetland Prior to Restoration"
  • Megan Preston - "Phytoextraction of Lead from Firing Range Soil by Kudzu"
  • Madelin Aceil Espinosa - "Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Analysis of Polymers"
  • Ashley Pritchett - "Cylinder Decompositions of Billiard Surfaces"
  • Brittany Lee - "Progress Toward the Synthesis of Substituted Indoles by Metal-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization"
  • Dakota Smith - "Student Conservation Association Internship at the Rappahannock National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia"
  • Carrie Swinney - "A Study of Aquatic Turtle Assemblage in a Northwest Georgia Lake and Wetland Prior to Restoration"
  • Tegan Hendricks and Dailey Harrison - "A Survey of Amphibians in a Northwest Georgia Urban Wetland"

Representing the School of Liberal Arts for history, Cameron Godfrey presented his presentation "Hull House, Henry Street, and the Influence of Toynbee Hall" with Dr. Sarah Mergel

Also representing the Department of History were:

  • Karen Phillips and Mergel - "Doc Holliday: Man or Myth"
  • Teryn Long and Dr. David Veve - "Corruption of Illinois Governors"

Representing the Department of English were:

  • Phillips - "Greatness Thrust Upon Fools: An Analysis of the Importance of Shakespeare's Licensed Fools and Their Interactions with Those Who can be Deemed True Fools"
  • Latifah Collins - "Coral or Carl: Beleiveable Dialect in AMC's The Walking Dead"
  • Sara Jenkins - "Toy Story - A Retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh"

Representing the Department of Communication, Sean Self presented his presentation: "A Closer Perspective: An Analysis of Students' Views on Public Speaking Courses"

Also representing the Department of Communication were:

  • Alex Bonine - "Trivializing Injury in the Media: How th NFL has Maintained its Popularity in Light of CTE"
  • Madison Brady - "Teenager Perception of Marketing through Social Media"
  • Self, Courtney Sloan, Alex Bonine, Kelsey Brady, Marlen Hernandez Garcia, Rosalina Lindo, and Asmara Holmes - "Experiential Learning Panel: Spring 2017 Internship with Dalton State Athletic Department"
  • Hayley Roberts - "How to Rebuild Yourself after a Romantic Relationship?"
  • Anna Kythas - "Education in an Entertaining World: Cultivation Effects on Education"
  • Kenneth Carter - "The Protection of Aquariums' Brands during Controversial Times"

Representing Wright School of Business students who studied abroad in Costa Rica were:

  • Steven Valdez, Kaitlyn Cromer, Reem Awad, Max England, Nicole Young, and Steve McGlamery - "Business, Culture, Economics, and Personal Experiences of Study Abroad in Costa Rica",

Representing the Department of Social Work were:

  • Yugeily Manriquez - "Barriers to Reunification for Families with Substantiated Methamphetamine Abuse"
  • Jessica Carroll - "Perception of Home among Wood Dale Health Residents"
  • Veronica Andres-Raymundo - "Perceptions of Cultural Competence Care in Northwest Georgia Healthy Babies Program"
  • Tamara Shoemaker - "Self-Care with Informal Caregivers of Hospice Patients"
  • Mayra Sandoval - "Teaching Safety Skills to Adults with Developmental Disabilities"
  • Maria Ortiz - "The Impact of Education on Social Work Service Requests"
  • Clara Jean Fowler - "Animal Companionship and Mindfulness Mediation: Helping Hospice Clients Develop a Higher Sense of Well-Being"
  • April Keener - "Clients' Perceptions of Amedisys Hospice's Bereavement Program"
  • Julia Guerrero - "Latinos' Perceptions of Hospice Before and After Completing NGHP's Senior Living Seminar"
  • Elizabeth Milan - "The impact of Training on Advance Directives on the Knowledge of Latino Participants, and Their Willingness to Complete Advance Directives"
  • Brandi Farr - "What Are the Barriers that Fannin County Foster Care Youth Experience when Attempting to Receive Mental Health Services?"
  • Michelle Reich - "Caregiver Perception of Bereavement Services"
  • Angela Billings - "Client Perception of the WRAP Plan at Highland Rivers"
  • Holly Loa - "Community Health Workers and Self-Care at Work"
  • Ellie Fields - "Factors Associated with Discharge among Georgia HOPE Clients"
  • Morgan Jenkins - "Solution-Based Case Management and Closing Times of Substance Abuse Cases"
  • Laura Daffron - "The Impact of C.A.R.T. Intervention on Truancy
  • Darren Weeks - "Does Kinship Care have a more positive effect on children than Foster Care?"
  • Allana Tipton - "Effectiveness of Internal Audit Tools at Georgia HOPE"
  • Anna Headrick - "The Impact of the Virtual Dementia Tour on Staffs' Perceptions of Clients with Dementia"
  • Melissa Beavers - "What are the Client's Perceptions of the Value of the Various Elements of the Mentoring Program within the Conasauga Drug Court?"
  • Megan Holly - "What is the Correlation between Substance Abuse Treatment and Reunification in Foster Care in Walker County?"


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