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All in Geeky Fun: Library Hosts Comic Book Event

You can't have a summer-long geeky convention without comic books. 

Dean Hodge, a comic book artist, visited campus to give inspiration for developing comic book characters as part of Roberts Library's LibraryCon

He told participants to start with a silhouette and add a few defining details, maybe a bow and arrow, maybe a funky hat, maybe curled shoes. Let the character start taking shape before adding facial features or clothes. 

He even helped people draw a few panels, the beginnings of developing a storyline. 

The rough draft storyboards were full of action, like a pizza delivery man and a turtle working together. 

Comic books aren't the only part of LibraryCon. Earlier this summer the library hosted an event to make a magic wand, a book talk on the females of the Authorian legend, and a chance to make potions. 

The summer of geeky fun continues with Harry Potter themed book talks and events, in-depth discussions on Lord of the Rings, and a game night. 

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