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Advice for Incoming Freshmen: Part 1

Incoming freshmen have spent this summer visiting campus to make sure they're ready for that first day of class. While the main worries may be making sure the financial aid is complete, registering for classes, and knowing where you're going to live, there's more to know about how to be successful and adapt to your first college experience. 

Our orientation leaders spent a little time giving some advice to our new freshmen.

1. Step out of your comfort zone

My advice to incoming freshmen is to get out of your comfort zone and get involved on campus!! I was always really hesitant to get involved in anything because I used to be really shy and was never outgoing. Once I started to break out of my shell, my experience at DSC (and life in general) became something else entirely! Dalton State wasn't just school anymore. It was a place to see my family. That is a pivotal part of the whole college experience, I think: forming relationships through clubs and other organizations around the school sets you up to find friends that will last a lifetime. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone because I found a side of me I didn't even know existed, and I hope the same thing happens for everyone attending DSC! ~ Fallyn 

2. Relax 

My one advice I would give upcoming freshmen is take a deep breath and relax. College can be tough, but I know if you all put in the effort you will be okay. Remember, success is not a one way shot, and it's okay to take one step back in order to take two steps forward. ~ Christian

3. Learn to manage your time 

My piece of advice for incoming students would be to get a planner or some sort of agenda to help manage your time. My planner is super important to me every academic year. It's like my little baby. I carry it around everywhere and write every assignment, exam, (parties), and so on. I find it useful to see all these things on my planner. It keeps me on top of things that are going around in my week or month. Also, it's important to note some "me time" along with your school work. "Me time" is used to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. I know college can be a stressful experience, and that's why it's crucial you set aside some time to reconnect with the world.  ~ Janeli 

4. Know the campus

My response would be to make sure you know the campus. Nothing is more frustrating or embarrassing than to be in the wrong room. I've been there along with others, and it's a drag to get up out of the room and find your actual classroom. ~ Fernando 

5. Take advantage of free tutoring

My advice to students would be to take advantage of the FREE tutoring offered on campus! You are going to come across some classes that are extremely difficult, like chemistry. Oh lord. Chemistry. Just the thought of it still sends shivers down my spine.  But anyway, back to business. The hardest thing for me when it came to tutoring was to overcome my ego and accept the fact that I actually didn't understand something. On the real, I was too prideful to accept help. Don't be like me. Dalton State is literally serving you this amazing resource on a silver platter and there's only one thing you gotta do- accept it.  ~ Casey 

6. Make a choice

The advice that I would like to pass on to incoming freshman or any transfer student from a different school is to make a choice. College is all about making choices that create who you are. Whether they are good or bad, each choice we make we grow from. Many students who attend Dalton State don't extinguish every option provided. Make the small, the big, the bad, the good, make them all! Make as many as you can. Choose to join that club. Choose to attend that event on campus. Choose to live on campus. Choose to take that step forward. You never know if you are growing into the person you are born to become until you make that choice. Here at Dalton State College, we are family, and we are here to have your back.  ~ Meghan 



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