Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction


Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction assists students in developing the skills needed for personal growth, academic progress, and critical thinking through knowledge sharing and peer facilitation. (Reviewed and Revised, 11/22/2016)

Individual Peer Tutoring

Tutoring is free and is available to all students. This includes both Dalton and Gilmer campuses and students taking their courses online. This service is appointment based and is generally scheduled at the same time one day per week. Attendance is expected and students who attend tutoring regularly, generally improve grades. Students will work with the same tutor to master academic challenges in their courses. 

Register for a tutor here:  https://daltonstate.mywconline.com

For instructions on creating an account, click here.  

For instructions on scheduling a tutor appointment once registered, click here. 

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental instruction is offered in conjunction with specific courses. Generally, 2 sessions per week are offered in addition to the scheduled class time. Attendance is voluntary; however, those who attend SI sessions regularly tend to make higher grades and perform better in class. These are interactive study sessions led by a peer leader. These sessions provide the opportunity to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop study strategies, and "test" one another on material in preparation for tests.

Check back for updated schedule in the fall!

Additional Campus academic help

These resources are independently run by their schools.


Student Support Services
Dean of Students Office, Pope Student Center, Upper Level
Phone: 706-272-4415

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