Name: Savannah Upton

Age: 23

Hometown: Ellijay

High school: Gilmer High School

Major:  Double major- BA Communication and BS Biology

Expected graduation date: Spring 2022

Why did you choose Dalton State? I wanted to be a part of a community that was growing, with beautiful mountain views, and close to home. When I learned about the positive impact Dalton State has in this growing community, I knew that it was a fit. I knew Dalton State also has many job connections within Dalton and surrounding counties. These growing connections boost students into job experiences, networking, volunteerism and so much more. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Roadrunner Nation? Family, hard work and determination. Roadrunner nation is not just something on campus but outside of campus. It is the motivation, will power, selflessness and genuine hard work shown by students, faculty, alumni and staff in everything that they do.

What do you plan to do after graduation? I plan on taking a gap year before dental school. I will start the gap year hiking the Appalachian Trail and finish the year off with learning how to sail a sailboat in St. Petersburg.

Who is/was your favorite professor and why? Wow, this is a great question! Dr. David DesRochers is my favorite. He really cares about the success of his students. He always encourages us to never be afraid to ask questions and that asking for help is OK. He taught us that everyone is important in this world, they bring their own special views/skills to the table and that’s what makes this world so great. He challenges students to think for themselves, put in the work and in turn be able to research greater expectations for yourself you never thought possible! I really thought I would never make it through research methods of biology! I am so thankful for that class it has helped me a lot in other classes and areas of my life.

What activities are you involved in on campus? Student Government Association, and I have also been able to serve as a S.A.V.E. Leader (Students Advocating Volunteer Efforts). Each of these experiences have given me the opportunity to connect with other students, make lasting friendships and endless experiences on and off campus!

What are some of your favorite activities in and around Dalton? I have so many! Volunteering with S.A.V.E. is my number one favorite because it allows me to serve others just as Christ did. My other favorite is core yoga here on campus!

What is your best memory so far as part of the Roadrunner Nation? Definitely would have to be Alternative Fall Break Trip to Roan Mountain Tennessee with S.A.V.E. I think the most important thing I learned on that trip is how we aren’t meant to do life alone, but together. Everyone who went on this trip was so amazing and passionate about serving others. We hiked a small part of the Appalachian Trail, helped build onto and maintain hiking trails in the area, split firewood for people who lived up on the mountain and so much more.

What is the last book you read? “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

Favorite line from a movie?

“Porky, you sure know how to make a sand-wich!” -Stymie
“ That wasn’t sand, that was kitty litter.”- Porky 
“ Don’t worry, it’s pretty fresh.” -Buckwheat

The Little Rascals

What is your guilty pleasure? Clumpies Ice Cream in Chattanooga.

What do you feel most proud of? The moments when I feel at peace with life. For example, the times I get to spend with friends, family and strangers just being present, talking or having a good time. I know I get so caught up in what others think and I found that I feel most proud when I have been able to just be and enjoy life for what it really is about, people.

If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be? Bible, Toyota 4runner, house, chap stick and soap!

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why? Learn how to fly a plane! Flying is the most freeing experience, and it is true once you fly in an airplane you never want to travel any other way (at least for me that’s true). I would start my own jet rental company and fly anywhere and have businesses anywhere in the world.

What cheers you up? Hiking Emery Creek Falls or riding bikes downtown Chattanooga!

What is your favorite book? “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff

What is your favorite app? Acorns, it will make your life so much better (money saving wise).

What did you want to be when you were a kid? I thought I could do a lot of things all at once! I wanted to be a marine biologist in the mornings, a principal during the weekdays and on weekends a cosmetic dentist for the Atlanta Braves.

As a Roadrunner, what does it mean to Run Boldly? Whatever path you take in life, own it. Never let anything or anyone stand in the way of your dreams, be patient, work hard, be thankful, do the right things and be present.