Biology, BS – Environmental Sciences Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Environmental Sciences Concentration at Dalton State gives you the appropriate background to pursue a variety of careers in the growing field of environmental science. Environmental science is a multidisciplinary field that integrates the biological, chemical, and physical sciences and seeks to understand how earth’s systems function and how our environment and human health can be protected. Many environmental scientists work for local, state, or federal governments where they may conduct research or monitoring and advise on policy. Others work for companies providing scientific consulting services. Entry-level jobs may require only a bachelor’s degree, while advancement may require a master’s degree. Careers in academia will typically require a doctoral degree.

Dalton State’s Environmental Biology concentration gives you a strong foundation in the sciences through its required courses in biologychemistry and physics and also allows you the freedom to choose from a diverse array of elective courses in your specific area of interest. You will have the opportunity to participate in research and, thereby, gain skills that will serve you well in your environmental science career.

Recommended minors: Environmental SustainabilityChemistry, Geography, Business for Non-Business Majors, or Psychology

Median Salary for Dalton State Biology Graduates Working in Georgia

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