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Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a five-week academic enhancement program offered to applicants seeking to start at Dalton State as freshmen.

Are you a future first year student at DSC in need of intensive Reading, Writing and Math preparation or in need of learning support because your ACT or SAT test scores were below the minimum to be exempted?

If so, would you like to join a free program that prepares you to take the ACT exam?

The Summer Bridge 2017 program at Dalton State College has recently launched a five-week intensive program to help participants get prepared to take the ACT test - free of charge. Experienced Dalton State faculty, who teach development courses in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Math, will work closely with the program participants and will provide high quality training for your next examination.

The program will also give you an opportunity to identify and develop college survival skills, build close relationships with students, faculty and staff in the Dalton State community, and learn what is expected from a Dalton State student.

Some benefits of the Summer Bridge 2017 Program include:

  • A fee-waiver to take the ACT tests if the participant is accepted into the program;
  • The opportunity to take the ACT (pre-test) at DSC’s Testing Center on June 8
  • Intensive coursework from June 12 until July 13 on DSC campus;
  • Courses include Reading, Writing, Math, and College Success;
  • A textbook will be issued to program participants;
  • The opportunity to take the ACT (post-test) at DSC’s Testing Center on July 17;
  • The opportunity to be advised and register for Fall 2017 on July 18.

We encourage you to participate in this program by completing the application form and by submitting it to DSC’s Enrollment Services office by May 25, 2017.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: May 25
  • ACT pre-test: June 8
  • Orientation: June 12
  • Intensive coursework/ACT prep: June 12 ~ July 13
  • ACT post-test: July 17
  • Advising and Registration: July 18.

*All classes take place Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. On July 18th , students must show-up at 8:00 AM for advising and fall registration. For more information, please contact

The Summer Bridge 2017 application is now open.

** Application deadline is Thursday, May 25, 2017 **