About the ETS® Major Field Tests

For several decades, ETS and the Major Field Tests have helped institutions like DSC’s WSOB meet external requirements for AACSB accreditation and funding for measuring student learning outcomes. The data allows us to demonstrate to accreditors and alumni, current, and prospective students that DSC’s programs are meeting their goals and continually improving.

ETS provides the WSOB with valid and reliable data needed to make sound decisions and show the true performance of the students in our program.

Ensuring Business Excellence with ETS Data

As an AACSB Accredited School of Business, Dalton State College’s C. Lamar and Ann Wright School of Business assess the effectiveness of our bachelor’s degree programs and evaluate student performance to improve curricula and student learning outcomes with the help of data from the ETS Major Field Test® in Business.

Students in their last semester before graduation complete this computer-based exam within their MNGT 4701 Strategic Management Course. DSC’s WSOB then received comparative data from more than 3,000 programs and hundreds of thousands of business students.

We use the information to remain current, relevant, and competitive.

The ETS Website offers additional information on the test description along with sample questions.

The Exam Format and Administration in MNGT 4701 Strategic Management

In a two-part, 120-question format, ETS exam covers all international functional areas of business:

  • Accounting (15%)
  • Economics (14%)
  • Management (15%)
  • Quantitative Business Analysis (11%)
  • Information Systems (10%)
  • Finance (13%)
  • Marketing (13%)
  • Legal and Social Environment (10%)

The ETS® Major Field Test for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business contains 120 multiple-choice questions designed to measure a student’s subject knowledge and the ability to apply facts, concepts, theories, and analytical methods. Some questions are grouped in sets and based on diagrams, charts, and data tables. The questions represent a wide range of difficulty and cover depth and breadth in assessing students’ achievement levels. The Major Field Tests go beyond the measurement of factual knowledge by helping institutions evaluate their students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material from their major field of study.

Preparing for the ETS Exam

The exam thus covers all courses in Area F of the BBA curriculum as well as all Business Core Classes.

Please save your textbooks, notes, and other class materials to prepare for this on-line Major Field Test in Business. You should also review study materials in the DSC LibGuide.

Your raw or scaled score (whichever is higher) represents 10% of your final grade in the capstone Strategic Management course (MNGT 4701).

Students receive a 120 to 200 score on the text that is reported as a scaled, percentile score. Student scoring in the 90th percentile or above should note this on their resume and permanent document as most employers have also completed the ETS® exam as a student and understand the significance of the high scores.