Office of the President

The president provides leadership for the overall operation of Dalton State College, ensuring the institution proceeds within its approved statement of purpose. The president coordinates these operations through the Offices of Academic Affairs, Enrollment and Student Services, Fiscal Affairs, and Marketing, Communications and Workforce Development. Also, the president provides direction for intercollegiate athletics and institutional research functions and serves as the official liaison to the Dalton State College Foundation.

Our Leadership

Our leadership teams are dedicated to guiding the institution toward academic excellence and fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment.

Student Government Association

Our Student Government Association represents and advocates for the interests of students, enhancing the college experience through engagement and leadership opportunities.

Staff Council

The primary mission of our Staff Council is to promote a sense of unity, cooperation and loyalty among all members of the Dalton State community while furthering the overall mission of the College.

Faculty Senate

Our Faculty Senate is a representative body of the faculty, actively engaged in shaping academic policies, curriculum development, and the overall academic experience at the institution.

Campus Activities Board

Discover how you can join vibrant student activities at Dalton State College!

Dalton State College’s Organizational Chart

View and download a copy of our College’s organizational chart by selecting the file shown here.