Reach Beyond the Borders

At Dalton State, it is our aim to support and promote campus internationalization and integration of global content in curriculum development through faculty development, education abroad programs and international exchange activities.

Our Goals

Drive campus internationalization, boost study abroad participation, integrate global content, and centralize global initiatives and study abroad resources.

Internationally Connected

Coordinating the short-term and long-term goals for campus-wide internationalization efforts

Study Abroad

Promoting student participation in study abroad programs through program development, program administration and student advising

Global Content

Facilitating the development of global content in existing and new courses by offering resources, workshops and faculty development seminars

Resource Center

Serving as a resource center and clearing house for global initiatives and study abroad programs

We Value Connectedness

Join our clubs to meet and engage with other students and faculty. Learn more about diverse cultures and strengthen connection even within the campus.

Faculty and Staff International Club (FSIC)

A faculty and staff club aimed at promoting intercultural understanding, global learning and information sharing. Coordinator: Professor Ben Thrower.

Dalton State International (DSI)

A Registered Student Organization (RSO) at Dalton State at Dalton State that sponsors a variety of campus and community activities to promote cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication. For more information, you can visit the club’s Facebook page.

  • Eligibility – Membership shall be open to all students maintaining a 2.0 GPA at Dalton State College who are interested in international affairs and wish to gain and contribute to better understanding of different cultures.

We’re here to help!

Are you interested in joining our international programs? Contact us to know more information and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Office of International Education

Connect with us through our dedicated helpline for all your inquiries and assistance needs.