About Studying Abroad

Experience something new while you earn your degree. Learn more about programs, requirements, and options to study abroad.

Who Can Study Abroad Through Dalton State?

Any Dalton State student in good standing or any student in good standing at another institution which accepts study abroad credit is eligible. Be sure to check with the college or university you want to receive your credits for their policies.

Why Should I Study Abroad?

There are many reasons why you should make study abroad a part of your college education. Here are a few.

Right Timing

This is the absolute best time in your life to study abroad. You’ll never get a better opportunity than right now.

Broaden Your Horizons, Gain New Perspectives

Students who study abroad return home with an broadened and less biased perspective toward other cultures.

Gain a Better Perspective About Yourself

Find out who you really are. By leaving your comfort zone, you’ll get to know strengths you never before knew you had.

Get To Know Another Culture and Way of Life

An overseas study experience shows that you’re motivated, inquisitive, and willing to try new things—all very appealing qualities in an employee.

Learn Things First-Hand for Yourself

It’s one thing to read about the culture of another country, but another entirely to experience it yourself.

Financial Aid Information

If planned properly, HOPE Scholarship funding and most financial aid programs can be applied to an accredited study abroad opportunity. Contact the DSC Financial Aid Office for specific information on using your financial aid package toward studying abroad.

Each year DSC offers a limited number of DSC Foundation Study Abroad Scholarships as well as external scholarship opportunities. See a list of available scholarships and download application forms from the Financial Aid/Scholarship page for an application.

Where Can I Go?

Dalton State and the University System of Georgia offer you a wide variety of study abroad opportunities from 9-day programs to semester/academic year programs. You choose what works for you. Many Dalton State students choose the five-week summer study abroad programs located in countries around the world.
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How Do I Apply?

To be sure you are fully informed of how to prepare for the study abroad experience, please follow the following steps.


Get in Touch

Visit Dalton State’s Center for International Education to review study abroad program options and to obtain information and application forms.


See Your Academic Advisor

Visit your academic advisor in your major field of study to discuss how the overseas program fits into graduation requirements and to receive written approval for the courses selected. See the USG Goes Global – Course Equivalency for a comparison of study abroad courses and equivalent DSC courses.

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Look for Financial Aid

Visit the Financial Aid Office to examine how financial aid can be applied to your study abroad program.


Complete Your Application

Ensure your form is signed by the Director of the Center for International Education before submission. You must also submit other required forms, including the study abroad program application, Dalton State Terms and Conditions of Participation, and Dalton State Medical Profile and Consent for Care Form. Completing the study abroad application is mandatory, even if the program isn’t Dalton State-sponsored, to guarantee recognition of earned academic credit by Dalton State.

Living on Campus

Find your “home away from home” at Mashburn Hall. Discover the benefits of living on campus that will help you maximize your college experience!

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