The Complete Dalton State College Experience

If you are a first-year student under the age of 21 and not living with parents or guardians in the official commute distance, it is recommended that you consider living on campus in our state-of-the-art residence hall. However, after you see what we have to offer, we think you will want to call this your new home away from home. 

Convenience to Campus

There’s nothing like taking an early morning class just a few steps away from your home. While living on campus, you’ll enjoy a short walk to class in minutes.

Save Gas Money

Fuel for the average college commute isn’t cheap. We encourage you to do the math and see how your gas cost would rank up against the costs of living on campus.

Group Study Benefits

Our residence hall has a variety of group study common areas to allow you to dive deep academically and thrive in your coursework.

Better Academic Performance

Dalton State students who live on campus retain and graduate at a higher rate than those that choose to commute from an off-campus residence.

Connect with Like Minded Peers

Enjoy a vibrant campus experience as you do life together with your friends and classmates. These will be some of the most significant years of your life.

Easier Transition to College Life

Making the move from high school to college can be challenging for some. It shouldn’t be. We strive to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our students to succeed in all areas of life.

Social and Cultural Experiences

We know the journey of the mind is limited by your life experiences. Living in Mashburn Hall, you’ll have a number of opportunities to connect with a diverse group of students from all backgrounds.

24 Hour Support Staff and Safety

We strive to maintain a customer service friendly environment. We have 24-hour support staff as well as campus police on call through the entirety of the day to help you relax and enjoy your new home.