Financial AccountingACCT 2101503
English Composition with EssayENGL 110150 w/ passing Essay*3
English LiteratureENGL 2120553
American LiteratureENGL 2131553
FrenchFREN 1002503
FrenchFREN 1002, 2001, 2002659
SpanishSPAN 1002503
SpanishSPAN 1002, 2001, 2002659
AlgebraMATH 1111503
CalculusMATH 2253504
Algebra-Trig baseMATH 1113503
BiologyBIOL 1107, BIOL 1108508
ChemistryCHEM 1211504
History of United States IHIST 211150**3
History of United States IIHIST 211250**3
Western Civilization IHIST 1111503
Western Civilization IIHIST 1112503
American GovernmentPOLS 110150**3
Human Growth & DevelopmentPSYC 2103503
Psychology, IntroductionPSYC 1101503
Sociology, IntroductionSOCI 1101503

*Students must take the CLEP English Composition test which requires a written essay in order to receive credit for ENGL 1101.

**Students receiving CLEP credit for American Government and/or History of the United States must validate proficiency in legislative requirements by passing an exemption exam. A passing score on the CLEP examinations in American Government and History of the United States I and II does not include credit for the students having satisfied the Georgia history requirement or the Georgia constitution requirement.