At the Mountain Campus

Located in Ellijay, every decision is focused on doing what is best for our students. We strive to deeply understand our students and provide every opportunity for them to discover their potential for success.

We offer an exceptional academic experience through classes in general education and through the Associate of Arts degree in General Studies.

Complete core courses toward a degree.

We offer an exceptional experience through classes in general education that you can apply toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Why choose the Mountain Campus?

Small classes and family-like atmosphere are just two of the reasons why the Mountain Campus is home to many students in the region. Find out below why so many students choose us.


Did you know that most students can complete the entire admission process at the Mountain Campus without having to drive to the main campus?

Visit the Mountain Campus

Want to experience the Mountain Campus yourself? We’d be happy to show you around your future campus! Contact us to schedule a tour.

Contact Us

  • Dr. Katherine Hyatt
  • 706-635-1260
  • 103 Dalton St, Ellijay, GA 30540