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Students who transfer credit from other institutions will have their equivalencies available for viewing within approximately two to three weeks after being accepted to the College. Students may view their transfer credit via MyDaltonState by checking their Academic Transcript. All transfer courses have a T in front of the transfer grade they received. Please note that transfer credit is not calculated in a student’s GPA here at Dalton State. No quality points or transfer GPA will show on the transcript. Any courses followed by a carat (^) are courses that did not transfer as useable credit. Example grade: TC^

Please note that due to rapidly changing technology, computer courses more than five years old will not be considered valid indicators of computer literacy and will not transfer in as useable credit. Those grades will have a carat attached (see above).

Anything coded as 8888 is considered elective credit and may often be used in the appropriate area if elective credit is an option. For example: SOSC 8888 is a social science elective and may possibly be used as elective credit in area E.

  • BUSI is Business Administration credit
  • HUMA is Humanities credit
  • NSCI is Natural Science credit
  • TECH is Technical credit

Effective December 2011, a new way of coding transfer credit has been implemented. Courses that do not have exact equivalents here at Dalton State will be coded with the prefix for the course and the number 1, 2, 3, or 4 ELE. This is to indicate if the course is a 1000-level elective, a 2000-level elective, 3000, or 4000. We hope this makes translating the credit easier for advisors and students alike. Prefixes will match our prefixes whenever possible. When not possible, we will default to the above letters.

Examples: PSYC 1ELE = 1000 Psychology elective; CHEM 3ELE = 3000 Chemistry elective

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