Professor Bunch’s Fall 2022 Integrated Brand Promotions course had the pleasure of working on a social media marketing strategy for United Way of Northwest Georgia. United Way initially visited the class to educate students on their mission and project objectives. The goal of the project was to engage with a younger target audience to educate them on the mission and vision of United Way. The project was a two-part process. The class initially researched the target audience characteristics including comparing other non-for profits, researching community demographics, and pinpointing the audiences most likely to engage with the organization as a customer.

The second part of the project aimed at creating a social media strategy to aid United Way in reaching their target audience with the hope of attracting new volunteers and donors. Students designed a social media posting schedule and provided ideas for future content creation. Overall, the project offered students hands-on insights into developing a social media strategy, backed by research-driven decisions. Students gained a deeper understanding of the social media, branding, and promotion strategies.