Hello! Thank you for wanting more information on the Request For Funding Process here at Dalton State College. Those eligible to request funding through this process include: Current RSO’s, RSO’s seeking recognition, any student, any employee or department hosting a student program.

1. In order to submit the Request For Funding, please make sure you have all of the items taken care of prior:

  • For Current RSO’s: please make sure that you have attended 75% (6 out of 8) SGA Meetings of the previous year in order to be eligible.
  • All other eligible parties: you may submit a Request For Funding at any point.

2. Please use this form to submit the official request. If you have any questions during the process, please reach out to the Office of Student Life for further assistance – contact information is below.

3. After submitting the request, you should receive an email from the Vice-President of SGA to present your Request for Funding at the Budget and Fee Committee meeting that occurs prior to the full SGA meeting, the last Friday of every month at 8:00am. In addition, you will attend and present the request at the General SGA meeting at 10:00 AM. You will be responsible for presenting these items:

  • The amount requested
  • A breakdown of costs
  • The number of students attending
  • The benefit the targeted students will gain from your proposal
  • How it will help the students at Dalton State college

4. After these steps have been completed, a decision will be made by the voting members of SGA. If your request has been approved, you can work with Student Life to process all purchases.

  • For reference, you can access the SGA Funding Policies here (p. 13 – 18).

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