Faculty and Staff Directory

Katherine Hyatt

Director of the Mountain Campus and Lecturer in Management

Faculty Qualifications

Primary Teaching Area: Finance & Economics
Rank: Assistant Professor (as of August 2024), Tenure – Track
Date of Initial Hire: Lecturer August 2021; 2021-2024 Director of DSC’s Mountain Campus; Assistant Professor 2024
5-Year Review Period: 2019-2024
Qualification Status: SA

Academic Degrees:
GradCert. Foundations in Software Engineering, 2024
GradCert. Executive and Professional Coaching, University of Texas, 2012
D.B.A. Nova Southeastern University, 2007
M.B.A. Nova Southeastern University, 2000
B.B.A. University of Georgia, 1998

Rationale for Classification:
5 PRJs and 1 OICs.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (published or accepted):

1. Hyatt, K.E., Ryle, P.M., and McKnight, M. (July 2024). Semiconductor Production, Geopolitics, and the CHIPS ACT of 2022: A theoretical analysis. Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance, ahead of publication. (AIS)

2. Woodard, M. and Hyatt, K. (2024). The relationship between coaching behaviors by situational leaders and new employee engagement, Strategy & Leadership. (AIS)

3. Ryles, P. M., Hyatt, K. E., & Bueltel, B. L. (2023). An American Act with Global Implications: The U.S. CHIPS ACT of 2022 Transforms International Semiconductor Landscape. Journal of International Taxation, 34(1), 50-59. (AIS)

4. Ryles, P. M., Hyatt, K. E., & Bueltel, B. (2023). Tax Consequences Associated with the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Advanced Manufacturing Investment Credit (AMIC). Journal of Taxation, 138(3), 3-10. (AIS)

5. Hyatt, K. E. (2022). Stressors in Higher Education that Lead to Burnout and Solutions to Avoid It. Journal of Business and Education Leadership, 12(1), 110-125. (AIS) Other Intellectual Contributions (OICs)

1. Hyatt, K.E. (2024). Book Review of What the Best College Students Do by Ken Bain Access Journal. (TLS)