ServSafe stands out as the sole provider that offers food and alcohol safety training, along with certification exams, all developed by experts in the foodservice industry. You have the flexibility to choose between two modes of participation: either take the program online or attend a traditional classroom setting.

Training and Certifications

The ServSafe Food Safety Training program is at the forefront of delivering up-to-date and extensive educational resources to the restaurant industry.

Test Preparation

Gain access to a wealth of resources and information specifically designed to help you prepare for your ServSafe tests or examinations.

Who is this exam for?

This exam is intended for individuals who are contemplating taking certification exams within the food industry. It serves as a preparatory step for those who are interested in pursuing certification within the food-related field.

Items To Bring

Please refer to the confirmation email that was sent to you after you completed the registration process for your exam. This email contains important information or details related to your registration, and it is advisable to review it for any relevant instructions or updates.

Security Requirements

There are no security requirements for this exam. You are not obligated to fulfill any special security conditions or prerequisites in order to take this exam.

Where do I pay the fees?

Your proctor fee will be collected when you register for the exam through our scheduling software.

When is this test offered?

Tests will be supervised and monitored during designated Testing Center hours, which may vary. Please visit our online scheduling to find dates.