How will I find out what I’m eligible to receive?

The primary way the Dalton State College Financial Aid Office will contact you regarding the status of your aid is through your Dalton State email account. It is important that you check your Roadrunner Portal email account frequently. Review of your financial aid application will normally take place within four to six weeks after your financial aid file is complete. At that time, you will either receive notification of your financial aid eligibility or a request for additional information. Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid is reviewed for all current/former Dalton State students and transfer students when they apply for aid and again at the end of every semester. Students eligible for aid will be sent award notification identifying the type and amount of financial aid being offered to them by Dalton State College. Award letters will be mailed to incoming Dalton State students; email notification will be sent to current and returning Dalton State students. Students will also receive notification if they do not qualify for HOPE and/or the Federal Pell Grant. If you have filed a FAFSA, you may want to consider an on-campus work study job or student loan.

Additional documents may be required

The Financial Aid Office will let you know if additional documentation is necessary. Approximately one-third of all applications are chosen by the federal processor for review in a process called verification. If your application is selected for VERIFICATION, you must provide the Office of Student Financial Aid with a Verification Worksheet and submit signed copies of all required federal income tax returns and W2s. Once this documentation has been reviewed, you may be required to submit additional documentation to resolve discrepancies. If discrepancies occur between the information on your initial FAFSA and your verification documentation, corrections will be submitted electronically to the federal processor. The verification process must be complete in order to receive federal aid.

How can I find out if I need to turn in Additional Documents?

Incoming Dalton State students will receive a letter from the Financial Aid Office requesting any additional documents. Current and returning Dalton State students will receive an email asking them to check Missing Information from the Roadrunner Portal Financial Aid Menu. Students are able to review documents still needed and those that have already been received through the Missing Information link. Required forms may be opened as PDF documents by clicking on the form name.

How can I look at my financial aid offer on-line?

Admitted students are able to view financial aid offers on-line through Roadrunner Portal. Select Student and Financial Aid menu, and then Financial Aid Award Letter. 

Have questions?

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as assist you in searching for scholarship opportunities, both within and outside Dalton State, and your applications.

Office of Student Financial Aid and Veteran Services