The Honors Program can have a positive impact on your college experience and future opportunities.

  • Priority registration can help you be more successful in college by allowing you to get the classes that you need at the times most convenient for your schedule. 
  • Faculty mentors can also contribute to your success by providing:
    • Valuable advice
    • Expert feedback
    • Personalized encouragement as you progress through college
  • Being part of an Honors cohort will allow you to develop a sense of community with your fellow Honors students as you take classes together, share experiences, form study groups, and bond over your collective journey in the program. 
  • Becoming involved on campus can contribute to success in college as you:
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Network with people who can help you be more successful
    • Make a positive impact on the campus community

All of these benefits are available to honors students at Dalton State.

Honors Program 9/11 Day of Service

This video showcases Honors Program students in service to their communities for the 9/11 Day of Service.