From Liberal Arts to STEM

The School of Arts and Sciences offers high-quality baccalaureate programs and excellent instruction with hands-on experience in a wide array of subjects.

Promoting student success and achievement

You’ll receive a foundational education in any major you choose with secondary teacher certification options in biology, chemistry, English, history and mathematics. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of concentrations, associate degrees or other pathways in high-demand fields.

Majors and Programs

Department of Communication, Performing Arts and Foreign Language

Our Department of Communication, Performing Arts and Foreign Language will prepare you for a successful career in a variety of fields, including public relations, media and film.
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Department of English

Do you enjoy reading or writing and want to degree a career in English? The Department of English will prepare you for excellence in your chosen field.
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Department of Life Sciences

Enjoy a world-class education participating in unique opportunities exploring the world of living things.
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Department of Physical Science

Take an exciting path that will allow you to complete programs in chemistry, physics or sustainability.
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Department of Social Sciences and History

Do you have questions about how society works or how one can make a difference? Do you want to know how our justice system work or why we have governments? Do you want to learn more about how the past shapes the present? Click below to learn more about the Department of Social Sciences and History.
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Department of Technology and Mathematics

Numbers, algorithms, and equations galore! Dive deeper into problem solving, mathematics and technology.
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Meet our Faculty

If you’re looking for a faculty member from the School of Arts and Sciences, you can look them up in our Faculty and Staff Directory.

Undergraduate Research

We want to introduce students to undergraduate research opportunities with world-class faculty who are prepared to work with them.
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