Learn about how exams in eCore classes work so you can be prepared.

How do eCore exams work?

Exams in eCore classes work differently than exams in traditional, on-campus classes, because you will be required to plan and schedule appointments at a testing center. Students should read and use the information on this site to ensure that the necessary midterms and final exams are completed successfully.

How are the exams administered?

In order to measure learning outcomes in an objective, verifiable way, instructors will require students to take one or two exams at an authorized testing center, where students will be asked to present a photo ID.

What are the exam requirements?

All eCore midterm and final exams are administered online via GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn. Any potential proctored test site must have computers with internet connection and a GeorgiaVIEW D2L supported browser.

Students are responsible for:
– Scheduling these exams with an approved proctored test site and notifying the eCore Testing Coordinator by filling out the Online Exam Request Form.
– Looking at the course syllabus during the beginning of the semester well in advance of the midterm and/or final to confirm when exams are scheduled and to then decide where to take the exam.
– Being aware of the conditions and policies under which the exam will be proctored and administered. Failure to take a proctored examination will result in failure for the course, regardless of average of other grades.

When are the exams given?

eCore instructors will provide proctored exam dates in the online course syllabus by the first day of the semester. Three weeks prior to each exam (15 normal business days), students must submit an Online Exam Request Form to notify the eCore Testing Coordinator where and when the exam appointment is scheduled.

If the exam request form is not completed by the student, the eCore Testing Coordinator will be unable to provide the online exam to the proctor at the test site.

Where are the exam sites?

Students are responsible for reading the Proctored Examination Instructions and review the list of approved test sites. If a student does not see a test site that is convenient (within 100 miles proximity), he or she should contact the Testing Coordinator for additional test sites in the local area. While it is the student’s responsibility to contact the test site directly to schedule midterm and/or final exams, the Testing Coordinator can help with this process.

How can I get more information?

If you need more information, please contact the Dalton State Testing Center at [email protected].