Welcome, Roadrunners, to the School of Arts and Sciences. The School of Arts and Sciences delivers a variety of high-quality programs with hands-on learning experiences to prepare you for success after graduation. Our faculty and staff are experts in their fields, dedicated to creating a caring learning environment. Our programs give you the foundation you need to achieve your goals as a student and lifelong learner.

Choose from a variety of majors in the School of Arts and Sciences: biology, chemistry, criminal justice, communication, engineering technology, English, environmental health and sustainability studies, history, information technology, interdisciplinary studies, mathematics and psychology, with secondary teacher certification options in biology, chemistry, English, history and mathematics.

Our programs are designed with you in mind. We work with local industry and community leaders to ensure we develop the skills you need for your careers. Whatever your chosen field of study, you will also have the chance to explore other areas, such as art, geography, the humanities, sociology and foreign languages through our rich liberal arts-based education.

Our STEM programs will teach you the effective uses of the scientific method, mathematical analysis and computer technologies. You will have the opportunity to conduct research, work with professionals in your fields, study abroad and more.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities and resources available to you as a Roadrunner.

I am here to help. Please reach out to me with any questions.


Dr. Randall Griffus

Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

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Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Randall Griffus