• The student conduct process was established in order to ensure that student’s are afforded a fair and unbiased method for determining the outcome of possible violations of the student Code of Conduct. More information regarding specific processes can be found here.
  • All processes will begin with an incident report alleging a violation and will proceed to an investigation phase completed by the Conduct Administrator. Should enough evidence be found to formally charge a student with a violation, the case will proceed to an administrative or conduct board hearing, responsibility will be determined and, if needed, sanctions assigned.

Sanctions are possible disciplinary actions which may be imposed upon a student who is determined to be responsible for a violation of the Code through an administrative hearing or student conduct panel.

In determining the severity of sanctions or corrective actions, the following should be considered: the frequency, severity, and/or nature of the offense(s), history of past conduct, an offender’s willingness to accept responsibility, previous institutional response to similar conduct, and the institution’s interests. The student conduct panel or hearing officer will determine sanctions and issue notice of the sanctions in an outcome letter.

Failure to complete or abide by any assigned sanction can lead to further violations of the Code and additional disciplinary action.

More than one sanction may be imposed for a single violation.