How can DegreeWorks help me?

  • View what courses are required to complete a declared major
  • View how courses completed apply to degree requirements
  • Advise yourself & prepare for advising appointments to make registering for class a breeze


  • Use the “What If?” feature to see what classes would be required if you were to change your major…or add a minor or concentration (if applicable)
  • Click on a hyperlinked class to get a pop-up box that includes course title, description, when the class is offered, & seat availability (if registration open)
  • Use the Planner option to create future course schedules

Review the FAQs and Tutorials available at the top of this page or the instructions available under the Help tab on each page in DegreeWorks.

More benefits of DegreeWorks

  • Supports real time delivery of progress towards degree completion, 24/7
  • Provides a clear picture of degree requirements to help you navigate the most effective path to graduation
  • Minimizes errors through consistent degree plans and promotes uniformity in advising
  • Gives students the ability to map their schedule for future terms and display how future courses fit into requirements
  • Displays “What if?” scenarios that allow students and advisors to understand the impact of every academic option
  • Reduces paperwork and manual degree checklists

How to access DegreeWorks

​Access DegreeWorks through Quick Links on the left-hand side of your Roadrunner Portal account!

DegreeWorks Tutorials

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