College-Level Course Placement

ACT On-Campus (ACT-R)

General Information

The ACT On-Campus (formerly the ACT-R) test is an alternative to the national ACT test that enables colleges to proctor and immediately self-score an ACT test form any day of the week, on their campus.

Please note: ACT On-Campus results may be used only at the college that administers the exam. Score results are not transferable to other institutions.

The  ACT On-Campus Exam is a 3.5 hour standardized exam. It measures English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science skills that students have developed and needed to be academically successful.  Dalton State Admissions requires all students entering a transfer degree program that have been out of high school for less than 5 years have up-to-date ACT scores.

Policy and Procedures

The ACT On-Campus is administered at Dalton State College on dates set by the college. If you plan to apply to any other institution, you must take the National ACT (not offered at the DSC Testing Center). Unlike the National ACT,  ACT On-Campus scores are used solely for DSC admissions and course placement.

This exam may only be taken once every 60 days and a total of 12 times.
Examinees must bring the following items to their ACT On-Campus appointment:

A valid government issued photo ID
A permitted calculator for the mathematics section of the exam. Please review the permitted list of calculators. If your calculator is not listed, the Dalton State Testing Center can provide you with a permitted calculator free of charge.


You must pay the required exam fees through the Testing Center’s registration page at the time of scheduling.

The ACT On-Campus fee is $65, and it is nonrefundable. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for check-in.


To prepare for the ACT On-Campus,  visit  ACT’s preparation page by clicking here.


Note: The Mountain Campus only proctors the ACT On-Campus when there is sufficient demand for this exam.  If you need an exam date sooner, check with the Main Campus.

Click HERE to schedule the ACT On-Campus. Select Entrance Exams > ACT On-Campus.


General Information

The Accuplacer (formerly the COMPASS exam) is a standardized entrance exam provided by College Board and designed to assess a Dalton State applicants’ knowledge in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.  Accuplacer scores are used by admissions for college-level course placement. The Math and Reading sections of the Accuplacer are not timed, while the Writing section has a 1 hour time limit.

Accuplacer Score Results

Most examinees will receive their Accuplacer score results immediately. However, if the examinee took the Accuplacer Next Generation Writing Section, this section must occasionally be graded manually. Accuplacer scores generally are delivered to Dalton State Admissions within 24 hours.

To interpret your Accuplacer scores, check the links below:

Accuplacer Next Generation Math Scores
Accuplacer Next Generation Reading Scores
Accuplacer Next Generation Writing Scores

Examinees should also consult with their advisors to interpret their test results.

Policy and Procedures

Examinees must bring the following items to the Testing Center on your exam date:

A valid government issued photo ID

A student ID number

Testing Center staff will provide scratch paper and pencils. Calculators are not permitted, but the Accuplacer software includes an on-screen digital calculator for the mathematics section.

A student’s  Dalton State Student ID number (900#) is required for signing into Accuplacer testing software. If you do not know your DSC ID number, check your NEST Portal or Dalton State’s Check my Admission Status Tool in Banner.


Dalton State provides one attempt on the Accuplacer  for all prospective and entering students free of charge.

A $30 proctoring fee is required for all subsequent attempts, and students re-taking the Accuplacer must schedule their appointment as an Accuplacer Retest. Failure to schedule correctly will invalidate re-take scores.


For first time Accuplacer examinees, click HERE to schedule the exam. Select Entrance Exams > Accuplacer.

For re-taking the Accuplacer, click HERE.  Select Entrance Exams > Accuplacer Retest.



General Information

​Electronic Core-Curriculum (eCore) allows University System of Georgia (USG) students the opportunity to complete a wide variety of general education courses remotely online. eCore courses are designed, developed, taught and supported by faculty and staff from the USG. Some eCore midterms or finals must be proctored on-site at a USG testing center. The Dalton State Testing Center is one of several local USG testing centers where students can take their eCore exams in a secure, proctored environment.Test Preparation

Students taking eCore exams should prepare by reviewing their notes, assigned readings, and course material prior to their exam date. Dalton State Testing Center does not provide any study material, exam content information, or test preparation tips. When in doubt, consult with your instructor before your exam date.


All fees for eCore exams must be paid to eCampus at the time of scheduling. Do not pay or schedule your eCore exam through the Dalton State Testing Center’s registration page.


Dalton State Testing Staff cannot schedule eCore exams for students.
Students must schedule eCore exams through their course’s GoVIEW via SmarterProctoring.
For more information, the student should check the course syllabus or the Course Resources Content module located within the GoVIEW course.

Please note: Do not attempt to schedule eCore exams through the Dalton State Testing Center’s registration page.

Professional Certification

GACE Paraprofessional

Coming Soon.

Program Admissions

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

General Information

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is standardized exam designed specifically to assess a student’s preparedness entering health science fields. Dalton State and other universities often require the TEAS for admittance into Nursing Programs.

The TEAS is divided into four sections by subject area: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. The exam is comprised of 170 questions, with 209 minutes in allocated testing time. Question types include multiple choice, multiple select (select all that apply), fill in the blank, ordered response and hot spots.

Currently, the Dalton State Testing Center only proctors the in-person, online version of the TEAS exam.

TEAS Testing Policies and Procedures

Examinees should bring only a valid government issued photo ID to their exam appointment. The examinee must also know their ATI Testing login information to access the examination.  The Testing Center supplies each TEAS examinee with scratch paper and pencils, but examinees may also use two of their own #2 pencils. No other items are permitted in the testing lab during a TEAS exam session.

Calculators are not permitted, but the TEAS software provides an on-screen calculator for the Mathematics section.


To prepare for the TEAS, visit the ATI Testing website by clicking here. The Dalton State Testing Center cannot provide study material, exam content information, or test preparation tips for the TEAS.

TEAS Exam Quick Facts

The Dalton State Testing Center provides examinees a brief guide covering frequently asked questions about the TEAS exam, such as ATI account creation and a how-to guide for scheduling the TEAS. To access the TEAS Quick Facts PDF, click HERE.
Examinees who are unable to access the document can email the Testing Center to receive a copy.

TEAS Scoring

The TEAS is graded automatically by ATI Testing, and examinees should receive their results immediately upon completion of the TEAS. The Testing Center cannot not provide or interpret TEAS scores. Nursing School applicants should check with the School’s admissions or their advisor to ensure their scores meet the Nursing School’s program admissions criteria.

Retake Policy

The Dalton State School of Nursing allows their applicants to retake the TEAS without a waiting period. However, an examinee wishing to retake the TEAS must still schedule again with the Testing Center and pay all required fees in advance. An examinee retaking the TEAS must inform Testing Center staff which retake attempt they are taking before starting a TEAS retake.


The fee for the ATI TEAS exam is $115. Payments must be made at the time of scheduling on the ATI TEAS website. Examinees do not pay the Dalton State Testing Center for the TEAS exam.


Examinees must register for and schedule the TEAS by creating an account on the ATI TEAS website. Click here to start creating an ATI TEAS account. Do not attempt to schedule or pay for the TEAS through the Dalton State Testing Center’s registration page.

Please note that the ATI TEAS has a strict rescheduling policy. For more information, click here.


Accommodated Testing

Disability Access

The Dalton State Testing Center can provide testing accommodations such as extended time and distraction-free testing rooms to individuals receiving disability accommodations.

If you require disability accommodations for testing, please register with Andrea Roberson in Disability Access and Student Support Services, 706-272-2524 or [email protected] prior to scheduling your exam.

For more information about Disability Access, click HERE.

You must present your completed accommodations letter before receiving testing accommodations.

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